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Sourcing The Best Stock - Our guide to finding the best vintage clothing suppliers.

In today’s world the supply of vintage clothing is almost endless and spans the entire globe. Individuals are now starting to understand the value of second hand clothing and instead of throwing out their old clothes they are passing them on to charity shops or putting them in the recycling bins at their local recycling centres. This is good news for the aspiring entrepreneur. It means stock isn’t too hard to find but it can also be confusing where to start. Below we’ve written our top 5 tips for sourcing stock.

1.) If you’ve already emptied your own wardrobe then the first port of call should be friends and family. Ask if you can raid their wardrobes especially your parents and grandparents as they’ve probably got a lot of 70’s, 80’s and 90’s clothing that they don’t wear anymore. You can offer to share profits or maybe they’ll kindly donate them?

2.) Go